Rope Foundations Series

EVERY FIRST Sunday each month!

The BANK Collective offers our rope bondage Foundation Series every 1st Sunday of every month. There are 6 class in the series but our foundations classes can be taken in any order. These classes are also very valuable for rope newbies all the way to experienced riggers. They are focused on learning the foundations of rope bondage and connection, while also providing you with tools you can use in your rope play immediately!


Communication, Negotiations & Consent |  Terminology & Types of Rope

"But Like, Where do I start?" | Umbrella Rope Essentials

Description: This class is great for all rope kinksters whether brand new or experienced. This class includes lectures, demos and interactive discussions on the some of the essential foundations in rope including basic safety, negotiations, consent, rope terminology, the differences and benefits of synthetic and natural rope, and much more!


One Rope Play

You only need one | Just the one rope is all you need

Description: In this class we are going to cover all the things you can do with one rope and one single or double column. You really only need one rope to make a dynamic, sadistic or playful rope scene and in this class we will demo and explain how.


Single and Double Columns & Uplines

Getting that 'Oh F*** Face'

Description: In this class we will review single columns, learn how to attach our uplines and lock them off, and go throw a beginner SADISTIC partial transition sequence. No prior rope experience is necessary, but if you know your single column you will be ahead of the game!


Chest Harness Variations, Reverse Tension, and Position

"More Tension" | Arms Free Chest Harness Variations & More

Description: In this class we will be covering the foundations of tension and how it plays a part in your rope. While we deep dive into this topic we will be learning basic chest harness variations and options for every body-type. No prior knowledge of rope is necessary.


Booty Basket Hip Harness | Improving Your Bottoming Skills

"Bootylicious" | Hip Harness & Intro to Suspensions

Description: In this class we will be learning a basic booty basket hip harness and beginning to cover the basics of suspension, including positioning, creating shapes and body movement. We will also be covering bottoming skills, experiences, communication during play and ways bottoms can improve those skills. This class includes a demo, lecture, discussion, and Q&A.


Random Foundations

How to Look "Cool" Doing Rope

Description: You know those moments when your rope gets tangled and you feeling like a fumbling rope top? This class is for you! In this class we are going to cover all the little things, that just make you feel more confident in your rope and look kinda “cool” to your bottom as well. Plus, extra tips on how to spicy up the energy and connection in your scenes.

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