About Us

The BANK Collective is a rope bondage and kink circle centered on continuous education. We hope to create an open and inviting space; where anyone from rope newbie to rope veteran can learn rope bondage and kink technique, theory, and philosophy.

The BANK Collective is focused not only on diverse educational class topics but also diverse educators. As well as giving all educators a safe space and platform to share their journey and experiences while giving kinky folx in the community access to rope and kink knowledge.


WE are committed to breeding an uplifting peer sharing environment, with consistent education for rope riggers and bottoms at any skill level.

WE believe any and every beautiful human can revel in the art of rope bondage and kink.

WE are committed to creating a group that can be a support system for everyone as they discover the art of rope bondage and kink.

WE are committed to a group where knowledge flows freely between people no matter where they are on their own personal rope and kink experience.

WE believe rope and kink is a tool for connection and are committed to education that teaches the technical aspects of as well as developing energy connection within a scene.

WE ARE NOT EXPERTS! We are fellow kinky folx who are amid our own learning and growing journey. We consider ourselves more community organizers then "leadership." What knowledge we have, we have learned from many respected and talented folx within the national kink community and this group is an opportunity to share what we have learned.

The BANK Collective was launched in April 2019 by Madame Posh in Dallas, TX. 


We host weekly Zoom kink and rope educational class. 

We are looking forward to being to able to come together in person again in 2021!



Community Organizer & Advocate

Twitter | @ladybadsushi

Instagram | @LadyBadsushi

Lady Badsushi has been active in the kink scene for almost two years. Known in her local community as the "prodigy," her talents go beyond her sadomasochistic play. She is the founder and owner of The Kink Hub, a founding partner of The Factory DFW, and program director for KASF Org. She is most passionate about education, community organizing, and creating accessible, diverse safe spaces for those in the BDSM lifestyle.

Leon Legacy

Leader/Community Organizer

Instagram | @Leon.Dallas

Leon has been active in national kink community for almost 2 years. He has volunteered at many kink events and has a reputation as a sensual sadist that normally proceeds his entrance into a space. He is the Volunteer Director for ABE Weekend 2021, an executive producer for a new production company, and is on the board of The Factory DFW. He is passionate about rope bondage and impact play. 


Founder/Resident Educator

Website | thempexperience.com

Twitter | @MadamePosh2

Facebook | @MistressPosh

YouTube | TheMPExperience

Madame Posh has been an active part of the kink community for over 3 years. She is a gentle sadistic rigger and femdom, who is known for always knowing a way to add rope to any kink play. 

She is the founder of The Factory DFW, a non-profit alternative kink event production company, which produces, KEW Workshop, and ABE Weekend 2021. She is the co-founder of the Kink Activist Support Fund Organization,and The MP Experience YouTube Channel, She has taught at RopeCraft Austin2019, Snowbound 2020, TASSP 2019, Anatomie Studies, the Pan Eros Foundation, Panelist on Kink.com’s “Flip the Script” Event, and other national organizations.

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